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What is a Content Parser?

Content Parser is an application for extracting data from web pages and files. The app allows you to extract any data such as text, merchandise, images, and more.


The client contacted Sotbify to develop the app. Basically, he faced the following problems:

  • Regular payments for maintaining the company's websites;
  • New projects take a long time to launch. To overcome these problems, the client counted on us.
    We held a kick-off meeting with the client to understand the scope of the project, key requirements, and tasks.
    The key idea behind creating the app was to optimize time for launching new lines of business and testing hypotheses. The main requirements for the Content Parser:
  • Intuitive UI;
  • Parsing content and products from websites and .XLS, .CSV, .XML files;
  • Parsing metadata for SEO;
  • Content updating It was important to provide the client with a cost-effective solution, as the main problems were the regular cost of money and the slow development process of the company.


The client was using the same framework for all sites. We started developing a universal PHP application. It was important to provide a simple interface to customize the app because it will be used by the average user.


The Sotbify team successfully developed and implemented a powerful collaboration tool for our customer's employees. The app allows the client to quickly fill new sites with content, products, and SEO data to launch new leads and test hypotheses. Now he saves money on paying for the services of specialists to fill their sites.
The main features of the Content Parser:

  • Simple UI. You don’t need to be a developer to set up the app
  • Parsing content, products, images, and SEO data from websites. You can extract data from competitors' and suppliers' websites.
  • Parsing files. The application supports .xls, .csv and .xml formats
  • Automatic content update by the agent. You only need to set up the app once. Content on the site will be automatically updated at the specified interval.
  • Currency conversion. The app automatically converts the cost of goods at a rate you set in the settings
  • Text Translation. Automatic text translation is available for work with foreign suppliers. This solution is ideal for quickly parsing content and product descriptions.
  • Logging. The whole process of work of the application is recorded. If there are any difficulties, you can always find an error.

Client: Secured by NDA

Budget: $10000

Category: Development

Date: June 30, 2021

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